Talent Point of GASZ – Summary of the Web-site in English

Talent Point Registration

Spectrum of activities:

  • talent spotting
  • talent development
  • talent counselling

Range of activities:

local (town and institution)

Target group:

young people aged 14-19 (mainly secondary student age group)

Talent fields:

interpersonal spatial-visual

Details of personnel:

7 experts assisting in the talent support activities of the Talent Point

2 psychologists

Our talent support programme:

Field of talentName of programmeTarget groupNumber of people involvedNumber of classes
spatial-visualShape people- shape the environmentsecondary school age group (14-19 yrs.)3740
interpersonalWorkshop of Theatrical Pedagogy ’Kreator’secondary school age group (14-19 yrs.)1276
bodily kinaestheticpractice in physical activities to improve stage movementsecondary school age group (14-19 yrs.) 1224
spatial-visualHungarian farm culture as a dying hungaricumsecondary school age group (14-19 yrs.)4035

Talent counselling:

TopicNumber of people involvedWho is it for
complex talent support to develop spatial-visual competencies40 students (plus 3 guiding teachers)students
parent-teacher meeting for student career counselling600parents
future objectives – career plans – career counselling120students, parents
presenting the profile of the school to primary school leavers of our district90students


Partner in co-operationField and contents of co-operation
Building Association of Porta Speciosathe Association supports and takes on the activities and programmes matching the profile of the Talent Point; an agreement of co-operation has been made
National Society of Entrepreneurs of Building Industry (ÉVOSZ)the Society supports the activities and projects matching the profile of the Talent Point; an agreement of co-operation has been signed
The Youth Centre of Kecskemét (KIO)the Centre makes it possible for our Talent Point to take part in the Centre’s drama pedagogy and theatre in education events, it provides professional presence in the relevant programmes of our Talent Point. It also provides exhibition opportunities for our Talent Point. An agreement of co-operation has been made.
Ciróka Puppet Theatrecontributed to successful tender projects; an agreement of co-operation has been signed.
TT 740 002 562an agreement of co-operation has been made; the committee provides guidance concerning our Talent Point’s network activities, helps us get in touch with new Talent Points, it keeps us informed on talent support programmes, issues and development opportunities matching our profile.
TP 161 001 583an agreement of co-operation focusing on topics of drama classes in the school and those of art presentations and lectures.


TopicLeaders of researchStarting dateDurationMain fields
pre-set fields of research in projects of measuring 3 teachers01 12 20146 monthsspecific competencies in architecture; implementation in practice; research in local history; interpreting art history findings focusing on the specific task;


Name of eventRole of Talent PointMain organizer
‘Kecskeméti Paletta’ Art ExhibitionparticipantKecskemét Culture Centre – Hírös Agóra
‘Fringe’ Art FestivalparticipantThe Youth Centre of Kecskemét
Radnóti illustrations – exhibitionmain organizerGASZ
20th International Conference of Architect StudentsparticipantAssociation of Porta Speciosa
21st International Conference of Architect StudentsparticipantAssociation of Porta Speciosa
Talent workshop of cultural heritage for secondary school students with presentations by lecturers of the University of PécsparticipantUniversity of Pécs
Interactive meeting with the lead architect of the town with the participation of student lecturersmain organizerGASZ
OTDK JPTE (protection of monuments, preservation of cultural heritage)participantJPTE (University of Pécs)


Ranking: accredited excellent Talent Point